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Floyd Miles

Known for introspective lyrics rooted in divinity, relationships, and self-awareness, Floyd Miles offers an honest take on music as he uplifts, educates, and entertains listeners with his genre-fusing genius void of limitations. The Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer has much to offer as a multi-genre artist.


Floyd grew up in a music-loving family who introduced him to the smooth sounds of artists like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson. Having natural musical gifts and growing up in the church with a father who was a pastor forced him to take on various leadership roles. He learned how to arrange music, how to lead a choir and the art of performance. As his awareness of self grew stronger, he did not feel connected to the religious teachings and preferred to create from his own experiences. He forged a path for himself and explored the music of various artists, adding to his musical influences, but credits the church for his freedom to explore music at an early age. 


Throughout Floyd’s childhood and adolescence, his family relocated a number of times, and as a result, he spent much of his life living on the east coast. Once they arrived in Indiana, Floyd continued to cultivate his musical gifts and began learning how to play the piano. Creatively, he wrote poems and sang in church. It wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he would record his first song.


Floyd continued his music career once he moved to New York and his sound set him on a path to landing numerous notable industry collaborations with Def Jam artist, Dave East. They co-created consistently from 2014 to 2018 on songs like ‘Opinions’, ‘Chose Me’, ‘I’ll Do Anything’, and ‘Day Dreaming’.


Floyd relocated to Los Angeles and in 2019 released his debut album, “Save Yourself”, a representation of his musical and spiritual ascension. Floyd shares, “I was heavy into meditation. I was reading and learning more about who I am and where I come from—where we come from as a people. There was a lot of self-reflection at that time.” Following the album, he released a series of singles: ‘Hang Time’, ‘Prove’, ‘OMNI’, ‘2Much’, and ‘Nefertiti’.


In 2021 Floyd was led to and inspired by music coming out of West Africa—Nigeria and Ghana specifically. The intersecting rhythms of Jazz, Funk, and Soul within the diverse genre of Afrobeats moved him to create his first contribution to the genre, ‘Ifemi’. He continued to create in the Afrobeats space in a way that was authentic to who he is and never limited himself. Soon after, he released ‘Don’t Play’, which showcased his skill and natural gift for creating in a space that was once unfamiliar. 


With a catalog spanning eight years of musical evolution, Floyd Miles is intentional about creating and experimenting with diverse sounds that showcase his versatility, divinity, and self-expression.

"A lot of artistes around where he’s from have tried to make crossover Afrobeats records, but only a handful have managed to evoke a genuine connection. He’s one of them."

The Kulture

"Music is more than just a collection of pleasant sounds; it is a means to communicate with not just your people but to people of various demographics and a way to tell your story uncompromised. This is something R&B singer-songwriter Floyd Miles realized early in his career."

Ifeoma Iheagwara, Lambo Xtra

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